HSM believes that we are not just called to sit on the sidelines and watch life go by.  That is why we live by the Sit & Serve Philosophy.  We encourage students to join HSM in main service on Sundays at 11a - we sit in the front left area of the main worship center.  You are welcome to join our students and leaders by yourself, with your friends, or bring your family.  We like them too!

We also encourage students to find an area to serve the church at one of our other services.  Arrive at 9a and help in a kid’s class, or come back and serve coffee at the 5p!  Make Mariners MV the place you not only grow, but also where you give back!  Visit the serve page to get involved.


During your high school years, there is a lot of learning, growing, and exploring faith for yourself.  We believe it is crucial for us to spend time gathering as high school students. 

Every Thursday Night at 7p we have a high school only service that includes worship, teaching, tons of fun, and your friends.