..God loves it when the giver delights in the giving.
— 2 Corinthians 9:7


We believe regular giving is not simply about charity, it’s an act of worship that is joyful, faith-filled consistent, and sacrificial.

The Bible instructs us to give regularly and sacrificially from what God has given to us. When we give, we become part of God’s purpose for our church in the community and in the world.


Establishing a regular online donation - giving that is intentionally budgeted - makes generosity a priority. Your gift, no matter how big or how small, is significant.

By giving back from the gifts and resources God has given us, we gain the privilege of partnering with Him to unleash His grace and compassion to a hurting world. Your recurring gifts help to create the quality environments and programs offered each week and make it possible to budget responsibly.

The set-up process is secure, convenient, and makes joining the work of God through the church easier than ever before.



As an independent, fully self-sustained member of the Mariners family of churches, Mariners MV transitioned to a new online giving platform that is faster and easier than ever.

Recurring giving from a checking account is the best stewardship of God's resources because it eliminates credit card processing fees and minimizes administrative processing. Our online giving system enables you to connect directly and securely to your financial institution.

If you have any questions about your online giving or would like help setting up a recurring gift, please contact Leslie at 949.308.7923.



Giving by text is now simpler than ever.

Text the dollar amount of your gift to 84321, scroll down and choose Mariners MV and follow the prompts. Once your gift is confirmed, future text gifts will automatically and securely connect to your giving profile to enable one-step giving.


When I give to Mariners Church MV, where does the money go? Great question! Simply put, your giving helps support the mission of Mariners MV. Every dollar fuels the resourcing of gospel-centered ministries at Mariners MV and beyond. In addition, operating expenses (like lease, building up-keep, utilities, staff, kids curriculum, fun events for families, and yes, even the coffee bar) are completely covered by the generosity of people like you.

Is giving online secure and private? Absolutely. We have taken a number of steps to maximize the security of online financial transactions. All information and transaction data is protected through secure processing services, and your information is encrypted when transmitted. The online giving form requires contact information like name, e-mail address, and some demographic information. Mariners Church will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. This information is stored in your file in a secure environment separate from our website.

What is the benefit of automatic online donations? Regular online giving is the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations like the church. Plus it's convenient, secure, and helps prioritize the practice of giving back to God. With a regular donation, you can choose the frequency of your gift and when to start the first donation. Many people set their automatic donation to occur on every payday, whether weekly, every two weeks, or twice per month.

Why is verification needed to give through my bank? Becuase we take security seriously. There are two ways to verify: 1. Direct log-in to your financial institution using the online creditentials you typically use to sign-in to your bank (this feature is available for 13 major U.S. banks and financial institutions). 2. Micro-deposit account verification.

How do I turn off my current giving plan on the old system? Call or email Marci Regan, accounting manager at Mariners Church Irvine. 949.769.8431 | mregan@marinerschurch.org

For questions about year-end giving statement, please contact Leslie: leslie@marinersmv.org